[Dshield] WSJ.com - PC Users Deserve A Free, Simple Service To Handle All Threats

lew001@globetrotter.net lew001 at globetrotter.net
Wed Mar 17 15:36:00 GMT 2004

The way I see it, wrt the automobile analogy, the current Internet situation
is somewhat like ...

1) It's like asking each auto owner to also be an auto mechanic.

2) It's like requiring weekly (soon daily) maintenance on our auto (with the
   real one, a few times a year is good enough).

3) It's like being stopped on the highway by the update patrol (like IE6 SP1
   just now), having to get out of the car while update robot changes a few
   parts in the car and restarts the engine.

4) It's like having to push a button (firewall) the first time your
   granddaughter gets into the car.

5) It's like changing your car lock & key every week (virus definitions).

What Mr. Mossberg proposes is probably utopic. But when I think of my father
who only wants to do some simple occasional browsing/emailing, I feel sorry
for him that he also has to spend a fair bit of time maintaining his system.
And being a software developer myself, it's doubly painful (as I know we are
collectively responsible for the mess).

The hassle/enjoyment ratio is much higher for computers nowadays than for

Ymmv :-),

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