[Dshield] Nice start for Microsoft

John Dalton dubuque_1 at msn.com
Thu Mar 18 15:07:47 GMT 2004

Can they keep going with doing smart things.
What I am talking about is a free 2 cd set that includes critical
updates/Fixes for end users that will update 98 through XP. AT the Best Buy
I work at one of the services we do is to offer to update the new machines,
or older ones with XP, with at present up to 17 critical updates or patches
for XP. This will now allow us to apply these fixes to OS's other than XP
now for the older computers we work on. End users can order, and my shipment
was made in about 4 days, so it might be something to check out.


Let me know what you think, or was this discussed in here before

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