[Dshield] new exploit

Doug White doug at clickdoug.com
Thu Mar 18 16:42:04 GMT 2004

During the past few weeks, virus writers have come up with at least 6 new 
tricks to get their viruses past mailserver virus scanners.  They started 
by spreading in .ZIP files, then moved to static encrypted .ZIP files, then 
moved to dynamic encrypted .ZIP files, then started using pictures to give 
out the passwords, then started using encrypted .RAR files.  The latest 
trick, first announced this morning, is that they are now using the OBJECT 
DATA exploit.  With this, the virus isn't spread in the E-mail, so it can't 
be detected.  Worse, a user doesn't have to open an attachment for it to 


also beagle.s, beagle.t  just appeared.

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