[Dshield] Obscure Question Part2

Funk Jr, Joseph C. jcfunkjr at co.bucks.pa.us
Thu Mar 18 17:30:54 GMT 2004

I see, well then Apologies for not seeing that and ok, I will try again.  If it isn't the PC (and at first I didn't see it doesn't show those open ports from within the LAN so obviously it cannot be)  Therefore the modem must also have a routing place in between.  Alittle more googling got this, volia' http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/listmania/list-browse/-/28CEOEC0CWLDK/ref=cm_lm_dp_l_1/102-1052468-2500905  An 'approved' list of cable modems for adelphia.  Many, of them have some type of NAT setup as they claim to support up to 32 users (along with a hub or switch) can shre the internet.  Likewise, another search for an example 'surfboard' modem and those ports yields this http://membres.lycos.fr/tvcablenet/Forum/index.php?action=vthread&forum=2&topic=17.  In addition to those ports they mention 23 80 and 513, but you didn't see those so perhaps they are only internally open on the cable modem.

Hows that?

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 Voila,,,Sorry,,, try again........

	The information in this article applies to:
	Microsoft Windows XP Professional
	Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition
 The box is a Win2K Pro.

  Thanx, Paul

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> Sigh, cmon, seemed pretty obvious to me that this was 
> something else 'besides' the modem, the modem does not sit in 
> between in the typical TCP/IP sense (modulate / demodulate 
> signal) so therefore it was not involved in any way.  
> The problem must exist on the PC(s) therefore, to that end, I 
> shall perform google magic again and voila', read this 
> http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;315846
>  this is known behavior with Internet Connection Firewall.

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