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Harry Hoffman hhoffman at ip-solutions.net
Thu Mar 18 22:09:09 GMT 2004

Speaking of Agobot... Has anyone out there noticied debug files of the IRC
communications for agobot infected hosts?


Quoting Joe Stewart <jstewart at lurhq.com>:

*> On Thursday 18 March 2004 4:19 pm, Paul Marsh wrote:
*> > What's the word on the inside about this nasty thing?
*> > LURGQ's write up is good http://www.lurhq.com/phatbot.html but it
*> > doesn't really give any pointers as to what we should be on the look
*> > out for.
*> It's not really that much worse than all the other Agobot variants out
*> there. The article could use a little perspective - think about just

Harry Hoffman
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