[Dshield] Nice start for Microsoft

Deb Hale haled at pionet.net
Fri Mar 19 14:02:44 GMT 2004

I am aware of what the web site says.  I was only commenting because John
said he received his in about 4 days.  
I did a little test last night.  I ordered the CD again and quess what - I
got an email this morning telling me that it had been shipped.  I think they
must have lost the first order :).  

As for available on the net - I am aware of that as well.  And yes they can
be downloaded.  However, not everyone has a high speed connection.  Some are
still using a modem to connect to the internet.  In case it's been a while
since have used the internet via a modem, let me remind you, it is VERY
SLOW.  Some of the service packs can take up to an hour to download.  Where
we live there are still people in the rural areas and in small towns that
the only option that they have is a dial up connection and the only speed
that it runs at is 28.8.  Try downloading anything at that speed, hence the
reason that the patches, service packs are not getting applied!  I would
like to change that - I want to let people know that this is available. I do
many seminars and workshops in this area regarding how to secure the home
computer. I want to talk about the availability of the CD and tell them how
to order it.


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On Friday 19 March 2004 00:57, Deb Hale wrote:
> John, I ordered mine two weeks ago and still haven't received it.  Deb

Read the site... it says 'Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.' Just be 
patient :-)
I think it's a nice initiative, allthough unnecessary as all updates are 
available online... Most people  have internet now, and if you don't, it's 
pretty unlikely to get infected nowadays

Erwin Van de Velde
Student of University of Antwerp

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