[Dshield] Where should one start?

Roger Gelder roger.gelder at ntlworld.com
Fri Mar 19 19:28:49 GMT 2004

As a simple lurker, watching the very experienced debate the junk that attempts to flood my machine, I wonder whether life might not be simpler if a real effort were to be made to eliminate the root causers of all our troubles?

Surely a small effort on the part of governmental inspectorates, backed by political spine with penalties commensurate with the cost of damage to date, would prove worthwhile? I hate to think of the potential loss arising from infections in the computerate world we live in - hospital data crashed, critical electrical controls debased, bank accounts 'opened', the list is, of course, endless. 

It all boils down to someone determined to waste the minutes, hours, days, weeks and years of all our lives. 
Too often  I see remarks about civil liberties but none about the liberties taken, stolen and trashed on a daily basis.

Oh, Yes, I have my firewall, anti-virus, scanners for pop-ups nasties and general pests, they are costing me my minutes left. I want to keep the minutes for me, not to be squandered by fools. And, yes, I do have a hack at 'my' political representative from time to time, trying to get some action, but without much response.

    OK, that's off my chest, lets see if Microsoft has stopped crashing my Word documents now. 
        (Another peave for another day, Oh well).

    As they say - Have an improving One .... please, please!

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