[Dshield] Where should one start?

Joseph Stahley 3rd jestahley3 at cox.net
Fri Mar 19 22:24:03 GMT 2004

If you want to get down to root causes, blame the computer salesman and the
companies they work for. Lets face it, todays machines sit on shelves in
stores and warehouses on the average of 3 to 4 months at a time. Most window
machines are XP (Xtra Protection and Xtra Patches required), and do not have
a functioning and up to date virus protection upon boot up. It should be a
requirement that before the computer ever leaves the store that updates and
virus protections are brought up to date as part of the service that the
re-seller is responsible for. With the Governments push to have a computer
in every home and every school, they forget that these computers need to be
secured before that happens. Unfortunately there many novices buying
computers who do not know how to set up security properly, and salesman do
not inform their potential sales, that there are patches to be updated,
virus protection to be installed and updated, and the proper setup of
security i.e a firewall to be installed. Most have never heard of ad -aware
programs until they have a problem, but by then trojans and other things
have been released from their machines. Sales people are only after one
thing, Commissions, and they can care less about the state of a machine
that's been on their shelves for a long period of time. They also cover
Microsoft and any anti-virus makers behinds by allowing these machines to go
out the door without these updates or protection installed.

 Hopefully there is a lawyer in this group who can find out what computer
re-sellers are liable for, I'm sure it may vary state to state, but a
general idea would be helpful.

 I just bought a new computer for my parents a few days ago, WINXP SP1, I
had to install close to 15 patches upon plugging in for first time, virus
defs from norton 2 months old and no ad-ware detection programs installed,
pretty crappy security from the get go with the Alerter service, Messenger
service and remote registry edit service all turned on. At this point I am
half tempted to write to my congress person, but like all politicians, she
is probably being "donated" to by these same businesses and technology


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As a simple lurker, watching the very experienced debate the junk that
attempts to flood my machine, I wonder whether life might not be simpler if
a real effort were to be made to eliminate the root causers of all our

Surely a small effort on the part of governmental inspectorates, backed by
political spine with penalties commensurate with the cost of damage to date,
would prove worthwhile? I hate to think of the potential loss arising from
infections in the computerate world we live in - hospital data crashed,
critical electrical controls debased, bank accounts 'opened', the list is,
of course, endless. 

It all boils down to someone determined to waste the minutes, hours, days,
weeks and years of all our lives. 
Too often  I see remarks about civil liberties but none about the liberties
taken, stolen and trashed on a daily basis.

Oh, Yes, I have my firewall, anti-virus, scanners for pop-ups nasties and
general pests, they are costing me my minutes left. I want to keep the
minutes for me, not to be squandered by fools. And, yes, I do have a hack at
'my' political representative from time to time, trying to get some action,
but without much response.

    OK, that's off my chest, lets see if Microsoft has stopped crashing my
Word documents now. 
        (Another peave for another day, Oh well).

    As they say - Have an improving One .... please, please!
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