[Dshield] Where should one start?

Doug White doug at clickdoug.com
Sat Mar 20 01:54:04 GMT 2004

: If you want to get down to root causes, blame the computer salesman and the
: companies they work for. Lets face it, todays machines sit on shelves in
: stores and warehouses on the average of 3 to 4 months at a time. Most window
: machines are XP (Xtra Protection and Xtra Patches required), and do not have
: a functioning and up to date virus protection upon boot up. It should be a
: requirement that before the computer ever leaves the store that updates and
: virus protections are brought up to date as part of the service that the
: re-seller is responsible for. With the Governments push to have a computer
: in every home and every school, they forget that these computers need to be
: secured before that happens. Unfortunately there many novices buying
: computers who do not know how to set up security properly, and salesman do
: not inform their potential sales, that there are patches to be updated,
: virus protection to be installed and updated, and the proper setup of
: security i.e a firewall to be installed. Most have never heard of ad -aware
: programs until they have a problem, but by then trojans and other things
: have been released from their machines. Sales people are only after one
: thing, Commissions, and they can care less about the state of a machine
: that's been on their shelves for a long period of time. They also cover
: Microsoft and any anti-virus makers behinds by allowing these machines to go
: out the door without these updates or protection installed.

That all may be well and good, however, there are still a ton of experienced IT
folks that set up new machines from the original CDs and immediately connect to
the internet to download whatever patches are out there.  During this period of
time, the machine invariably will pickup an infection.

Once it is discovered, the IT person will wipe the system and do it all over
again, exactly the same way, resulting in more risk.

Bottom like, while the Joe-User may be clueless, you must of course include the
experienced people who are not following best practices as well.

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