[Dshield] Looks strange to me

Fred fretz at pacbell.net
Wed Mar 24 10:25:36 GMT 2004

Andy Streule wrote:
> most of that email is to confuse the spamm checkers.
> most of the hyperlink tags are surrounding blank space so actually have no
> effect e.g.
> <a href="cellar_"></a>
> the next hurdle for spamcheckers is going to be - to be able to check html
> tags are used for a reason.  It shouldnt be too hard, you'd think, to
> check
> that there's something inside a <a href></a> tag
> ~Andy

Thanks Andy,

I guess I may have misrepresented myself by saying that I was an
"intermediate" computer user.  I should actually lower my evaluation since I
don't know any html coding.
The part reproduced below is what mainly caught my attention and what I
thought was somehow a disguised link.  But even though it's quite long, it's
the same as the example you pointed out - is that correct?


I won't ask anything further since this apparently only relates to spam, not
an actual security problem.  I do also see now that there's no dot-anything
at the end of the expression, so since I've noticed that it seems unlikely
to me that it would be a link to any place.  I suppose if I'd have opened
the message normally in my email reader it would have looked like any other
spam, but I never open any of that to look at either.  :)
Lastly, the best way for me to learn HTML would be by applying my attention
to the "HTML 4 Bible" that's been sitting right next to me almost untouched
for at least a year, probably longer... along with not just a few other
perpetually pending "to do" list items.
Thank you again for your patient reply... I'm removing myself to the back of
the forum, a more suitable place for me to learn in silence, what I can from
the knowledgable participants here.

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