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John Holmblad jholmblad at aol.com
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I have followed much the same reasoning as you have about the 
"unrecoverable" cost to oneself in terms of time spent for ongoing 
security efforts as an immediate consequence of  pulling everything 
in-house. And after doing this mental math, I too have so far resisted 
the use of  dynamic dns services to "expose" services from my internal 
network to the Internet other than for experimental purposes. I think 
the same argument goes for most small businesses who would be better off 
purchasing/obtaining email, www, IM, FTP and collaboration services from 
a quality provider that has the economies of scale to offer secure 
services at a reasonable price. This past month, on behalf of a 
non-profit organization that I belong to, I set up a 30 day trial of a 
portal service from a company called Apptix that is being sponsored by 


The service is based on Microsoft Sharepoint Services. I think the 
Apptix service represents the future potential of service providers to 
bundle a secure business grade collaboration service for the small 
business community. Of course, any business that uses such services 
needs to perform due diligence on the quality and security claims of the 
service provider and they must have a backup/recovery strategy that 
assures business continuity.

I suspect that most  small businesses,  whether these are businesses who 
are end users of IT & telecom, or IT/Telecom service providers 
themselves, do not correctly incorporate into their business financial 
models (if they even have such models), the ongoing labor + capital 
costs of maintaining a secure network environment whatever their OS 
baseline is. Consequently these businesses make the mistake of "making" 
instead of "buying" (i.e. outsourcing) a solution, only to find out 
after the fact that they went down the wrong road from a financial 

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