[Dshield] seemingly random (ACK+RST) packets from64.164.160.154:80

j.travis skynet at psinode.com
Wed Mar 24 19:24:28 GMT 2004

> At first glance I would guess that someone is attempting to SYN flood
> but just has not figured out that 80/TCP is not an open
> port on that system.
> A few things in the trace trouble me however. The TTL is 117, which
> would imply a Windows box sitting 11 hops away from you. The IP ID's
> random however and every Windows OS I've ever looked at uses
> IP ID's (increments of +1, +2 and +256).

There is not much of a pattern at all to them except that they
consistently dribble in all day long. sometimes 3 minutes apart,
sometimes 20 minutes.

> Do you only have 1 IP or multiple? If multiple, is this happening with
> more than one of your IP addresses?
> Its not a sweep or a scan and the packets look pretty legit so I don't
> think its a covert channel. The IP ID Vs. TTL thing bugs me though.

I do have one other linux box on the same /248 subnet but it just seem
to be getting the usual internet noise on it.  I'll have to do some
closer inspection and get back to you on that.

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