[Dshield] Where should one start?

Chuck Lewis clewis at iquest.net
Thu Mar 25 12:41:51 GMT 2004

I am getting very frustrated too. And it isn't just the anonymous folks but
what about all these jerk companies that plant malware and Trojan programs
on our PC's ? I was talking to someone about this the other day and the
point came up that if someone entered our homes and planted a listening
device or camera, etc. that would be illegal. So if someone enters my home
(or business) computer that should fall under the same umbrella. So why
aren't these vendors that CAN be found, dealt with ?

And as for the patch deals - I totally agree with the point that PC's sit
for months before you ever get them. And if you do run auto update it brings
down a TON of stuff the first time. Then you have to turn RIGHT around and
run it again and be amazed at what all it brings down again. Then do this
until it finds nothing else - and MAYBE you are protected. And maybe you
aren't. I was rebuilding a PC the other day at work (W2K Pro) and last year
when there was that Port 135 exploit we had downloaded two patches that each
covered NT, W2K and XP. Will I "thought" I had installed all the latest
patches (Windows Update told me I had) but on a whim I stuck this CD in and
guess what ? One installed just fine, not saying it was already there ! The
other one said it was for SP3 or below and had found a newer SP installed. 

And I have not read this in ANY of the trade rag verbiage about updating; if
you are running MS Office you have to run a different Update check for
that... AND this really kills me - some of these updates require the
original MS install CD to completely install ! ! ! So how many companies are
going to be passing around copies of these CD's to every remote location and
WHY THE HECK is Microsoft requiring this CD ?

It gets very frustrating at times :-)


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As a simple lurker, watching the very experienced debate the junk that
attempts to flood my machine, I wonder whether life might not be simpler if
a real effort were to be made to eliminate the root causers of all our

Surely a small effort on the part of governmental inspectorates, backed by
political spine with penalties commensurate with the cost of damage to date,
would prove worthwhile? I hate to think of the potential loss arising from
infections in the computerate world we live in - hospital data crashed,
critical electrical controls debased, bank accounts 'opened', the list is,
of course, endless. 

It all boils down to someone determined to waste the minutes, hours, days,
weeks and years of all our lives. 
Too often  I see remarks about civil liberties but none about the liberties
taken, stolen and trashed on a daily basis.

Oh, Yes, I have my firewall, anti-virus, scanners for pop-ups nasties and
general pests, they are costing me my minutes left. I want to keep the
minutes for me, not to be squandered by fools. And, yes, I do have a hack at
'my' political representative from time to time, trying to get some action,
but without much response.

    OK, that's off my chest, lets see if Microsoft has stopped crashing my
Word documents now. 
        (Another peave for another day, Oh well).

    As they say - Have an improving One .... please, please!

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