[Dshield] Security in Layers

Doug White doug at clickdoug.com
Thu Mar 25 22:32:27 GMT 2004

: Would be interesting to know what Microsoft people contribute actively
: to SANS/GIAC. I'd guess at infinitely many (0/1). I suppose the reason
: would be, that SANS/GIAC is there for the community. Which Microsoft is
: not: Microsoft is there for Microsoft and to make money, whatever the
: bloody community might profit from anything whatsoever. Nah, I'm not
: /anti/-Microsoft as such, purely /for/ the community. Being both would
: be an anachronism, an oxymoron and against my religious beliefs ("heaven
: is a cat lying on you head, your head on the pillow, purring while
: you're trying to get some sleep").

I watched a Microsoft Webinar on "Security" this morning, and aside from two
speakers talking a mile a minute, and generally in conflict with each other, I
got the impression that the good folks at MS have just learned how to pronounce
"security" and are still learning how to spell it.   This seems to be a long way
from actually doing anything about it.

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