[Dshield] Double Edged Sword ?

Chuck Lewis clewis at iquest.net
Fri Mar 26 12:52:51 GMT 2004

Good Morning Folks and Happy Friday ☺

I had a thought this morning (that happens from time to time...). We have preached and preached for years for users to be wary of email with attachments from someone they didn't know, weren't expecting even if it is from someone they know, etc. But for the most part this was a pre-warning and most users never really saw/got these emails.

So with all of the Bagle, MyDoom, Netsky, etc. stuff that has been flying the last two weeks or so, I think that has done more to educate users than anything we have done to date.

We are a smaller company (around 250 folks) and the PC knowledge is all over the place with most folks in the "newbie" class, believe it or not. I sent out a general message warning everyone about these when they FIRST hit so folks would be aware at work AND at home (since not all of our users have PC's at work but do have one at home). We have had NO problem with these things.

Sometimes "seeing is believing" ?



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