[Dshield] Security in Layers

John Holmblad jholmblad at aol.com
Fri Mar 26 22:09:06 GMT 2004


I am interested to learn more about your transition to RHEL 3.0. I too 
have a dual boot system with RH8.0 Pro  + W2K Adv Server on a laptop. In 
my several conversations with Redhat tech support and also their sales 
support  "transition" team  prior to Dec 31 when they ended support for 
RH 8.0 I was informed that there was no upgrade path from 8.0 to EL 3.0. 
In other words I would have to start with a clean install  of RH EL 3.0 
and restore whatever files I had saved prior to the install. From what 
you have stated they either came to their senses and have by now 
provided their customer base with a straightforward migration path that 
does NOT require a full reinstall, or you have figured out a way to do 
this on your own. Any details you would be willing to share with me on 
your "transition" experience would be much appreciated. I have so far 
put off the upgrade to RHEL 3.0 out of fear that I would inadvertently 
"hose" my system which has been carefully crafted over the last year. By 
the way the boot loader I am using is GRUB.


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