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John Holmblad jholmblad at aol.com
Sat Mar 27 01:31:57 GMT 2004


pursuant to earlier discussions on this list with respect to Microsoft's 
offering of  free security update CD's, I received a copy of 2 CD's  
which were handed out at a Microsoft Technet event this week. The first 
CD contains security updates to Windows and the second CD contains a/v 
software. I inquired with Microsoft reps about the expected frequency of 
future updates  to the offering but none of the Microsoft contacts whom 
I queried could provide a definitive answer. I suspect that the updates 
will be available monthly or quarterly. The  CD containing the free a/v 
software is based on the  Computer Associates  "Armor LE" anti-virus 
software product  and it comes with  one year of free a/v signature 
updates. I know little about this product and I seem to recall  that it 
has not gotten "good press" which may explain why it is being handed out 
at no charge. As most on this list are aware, Microsoft has acquired its 
own a/v technology from a Romanian company  but I don't think it is the 
same product as Microsoft has included in this package. I would be 
interested to know if users on this list who have ordered and received 
via mail the update CD also received the free copy of the a/v/ software. 
The label on the marketing package that I received states that the 
distribution is for the USA and Canada only.


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