[Dshield] Microsoft Security Update CD

Al Reust areust at comcast.net
Tue Mar 30 04:43:28 GMT 2004

Hello Mark et al

As I get my copy I will provide a more in depth look. I do currently 
maintain a script(s) to provide updates for Win2K, one for NT and one for 
XP. It fairly straight forward once a couple of things are defined, the 
only upset is when a service pack hits (start over after you do a clean 
install and then check what is missing). Otherwise it is now a monthly 
thing, It gets burned to a Cd and is portable. I do play with Shavilk 
(which has fell out of M$ favor) and SUS for management of smaller models. 
They do provide insight and the files that I need to maintain my scripts.

At 06:18 AM 3/29/2004 -0600, you wrote:
>For what it's worth, it is my understanding that the MS update CD is a patch
>collection dated October 2003.  Is this correct?  If so, how useful could it
>possibly be?

If it gets you past a lot of bad things and narrows down what is left then 
is it better than just plugging a "new machine" into the Internet.. If you 
are dealing with "NON-IT" family members somewhere on the other side of the 
Nation then it gives them a fighting chance. So from that perspective, if 
it cost nothing for the order. Why have you not submitted one for each of 
your family. Then explain that they should expect email from Microsoft and 
a CD to show up shortly, You can explain that it can protect should 
something happen and keep it where they can find it... Otherwise you are 
faced if they have to restore a computer, to tell them to take the computer 
and the Restore CD's to the UPS Store and ship it to you.. Or go to a local 
computer shop and pay money to have it rebuilt. Then if they sent it to 
you, You will send it back "Safe." Yes we all have time for that, 
realistically for family one would find time to do.. It is going to cost 
"someone" money and time.

BTW You should download a copy of the best Free AV and things like Spybot 
burn a Cd and send that also. Explain over the phone how to install and 
then you know that they should not need the M$ CD..

Yes, it only has value to those that can figure out how to open the 
Automatic Cup Holder and then figure out that "they" can drop a CD in and 
then next to close the Cup Holder.

Anything only holds "value" if you can figure out how to use "it," what 
it's advantages are, and what the drawbacks are. Yes there are many things 
that "We IT Folks" take for granted. Until you have explained to your blind 
sister how to use regedit to get Norton System Works out of the registry. 
You have not lived! Yes, I would trust her and her voice software more that 
I would trust a sighted person. But then I met



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