[Dshield] Any reaonable way to measure connectivity speed?....

Jon R. Kibler Jon.Kibler at aset.com
Tue Mar 30 14:13:46 GMT 2004

Bob Hillegas wrote:
> I'm telecommuting from Texas to Tennesee. I have noticed this past
> weekend a large loss of throughput. Is there any way on a linux box to
> quantify connectivity? I would like to know where the slowdown occurs.
> In absence of being able to do that, I would like to be able to quantify
> what I am subjectively seeing in screen responsiveness so that I can
> know if changes I make are helping, hurting, or neutral.
Most xDSL and cable modems allow you to display connection bit-rate 
info that should give you a reasonable measure of data-line speed.

The traceroute command will allow you to find any net node that is 
causing a delay. 

The ping command can be used to monitor the consistency of transit times.

There are several web sites that will allow you to run throughput 
speed tests. The one that comes to mind is: 

Hope this helps!

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