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Give Steve Gibsons site a look, DRDoS is DRDos
"Before we can study and understand the mechanics of the distributed 
reflection attack, we need some understanding of the operation of TCP — the T
ransmission Control Protocol used to connect remote machines over the Internet. "
    this should help have Fun Bill  

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e> Could anybody please tell me what generates www.speedy!.com because
e> I just faced a Dos by a customer generating thousands of requests
e> to this url which brought our ADSL router and the CACHE engine to
e> their knees. How can I go about fighting this back.

This URL doesn't and can't resolve: the "!" character isn't authorized
in the DNS system and cannot currently be converted using IDNA
(international DNS encoding).

www.speedy.com, however, does resolve: it's a french company that is
in the "quick car fix" business (tires, exhausts, etc.).

Do you have a capture of the faulty packets ?

Good luck,

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