[Dshield] Avoiding blacklisted web hosts

Luke Dudney ldlist at westnet.com.au
Wed Mar 31 12:52:47 GMT 2004

Alan Frayer wrote:

>On Tue, 2004-03-30 at 20:27, Alan Frayer wrote:
>>I'm starting a search for yet another host for a client, and want to
>>avoid that mistake. Is there a tool or service I can use that will
>>check/has checked various web hosts for various security issues,
>>including but not necessarily limited to e-mail status?
>I forgot how many hosting services were on this list -- I didn't mean to
>post a request for services (but thank you to those who replied both in
>and out of list). What I really want to know, for now and the future, is
>if there is a tool or service that checks out hosts for problems, so
>people like me don't get into a bad host.
A pretty good way to judge a hosting company's history is doing a google 
groups search for them in the news.admin.net-abuse.email and .sightings 
newsgroups. Also grab a few of their IP addresses (you can grab this 
from the whois database) and check them out for RBL listings. If they 
have a history of hosting spammers and not terminating them on sight, 
find another host, and let them know why you didn't choose them. They 
might start to clean up their act if they realise they're losing 
business by not taking severe enough action on spammers on their network.

http://www.openrbl.org/ has some good tools for checking all the major 
RBLs and a form for google groups searches.


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