[Dshield] Avoiding blacklisted web hosts

Daniel Hay danny at eboundary.com
Wed Mar 31 14:36:40 GMT 2004

In addition to this, you can search the WHT Forum at
http://www.webhostingtalk.com, if nothing shows up register and post a
question about the hosts your considering. With over 60,000 registered users
from all walks of life including, Tier 1 bandwidth providers, colo
providers, resellers as well as clients. Chances are if you're considering a
host one of these guys has already used them or will know someone who has
and can give you some feed back.

On 3/31/04 7:41 AM, "Johannes B. Ullrich" <jullrich at sans.org> wrote:

>> Is there a tool or service I can use that will
>> check/has checked various web hosts for various security issues,
>> including but not necessarily limited to e-mail status?
> You can find a lookup tool at www.dnsstuff.com. One of the
> tools will allow you to search most spam blacklists in one query.
> Lookup the ISPs mail servers and see if they are blacklisted.
> Next, search a few of the ISPs customers. If they don't have a
> customer list, just check a few IP addresses in the vicinity of
> their mail/dns servers.
> In general: It can happen that you end up on a block list without
> any fault of the ISP. (has happened to me a couple times ...).
> The important part is how fast and cluefull they are about fixing
> the issue. Try to talk to some of their customers about it.

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