[Dshield] Off Topic but Relevent - List of Most Popular Linux Open Source Applications

Richard Ginski rginski at co.pinellas.fl.us
Wed Mar 31 14:54:03 GMT 2004

I am in somewhat of a quandary over here. I am having issues in finding
popular mainstream security solutions (both commercial or open source)
that run on SUSE Linux using a particular architectural platform in my

Given this, I am questioning just how genuine the vendors claim is that
the system is running SUSE Linux and that it supports open standards. I
know it's running SUSE, but I suspect it's some proprietary variation.
(A "proprietary wolf in open standards sheep's clothing".)

It is my belief that regardless of the architecture, if a system is
truly running SUSE Linux, it should be able to run popular open source
applications. The strategy of running SUSE Linux was to have choices as
to what applications we could run on this box.....not to succumb to this
vendor's solution every time we need something. 

I was hoping to ask this forum to provide a link that points out the
most popular open source applications that run on SUSE Linux. They don't
have to be, and I prefer that they're not, security applications. The
point is to challenge our admins over here to attempt to install the
most popular Linux applications on this box. If they have troubles
compiling/installing them, I feel I will have proven my point.

Ultimately, I am looking for one site that lists the most popular Linux
applications that should also run on SUSE.

Thanks in advance

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