[Dshield] Avoiding blacklisted web hosts

Laura Vance vancel at winfreeacademy.com
Wed Mar 31 15:09:30 GMT 2004

I am in charge of building our firewall with searches for unwanted IPs 
to block in the firewall to protect the network users (high school 
students) from indecent material.  The thing that usually ends up 
happening is when a web hosting service hosts "good" sites and "bad" 
sites on one server / IP.  When sites are blocked by IP as in the 
firewall, every virtual host on that single machine ends up being blocked.

One thing that I would check with any web host is if they host porn or 
other types of inappropriate sites on the server where your site is 
going to be hosted.  Also check their abuse policy to make sure that 
they deal with spammers.  E-Mail hosting companies without abuse 
policies are likely the ones that the big providers will block from 
their email ports.

I hope that this information helps. :)

Alan Frayer wrote:

>Hopefully the following question falls in the realm of security, as I
>don't wish to abuse the list.
>I have had the misfortune of twice picking web hosting services (with
>e-mail, of course), where the IP of my mail server ended up in someone's
>black hole list through no fault of my own.
>I'm starting a search for yet another host for a client, and want to
>avoid that mistake. Is there a tool or service I can use that will
>check/has checked various web hosts for various security issues,
>including but not necessarily limited to e-mail status?
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