[Dshield] packet type

Stephane Grobety security at admin.fulgan.com
Fri Oct 1 12:07:36 GMT 2004

Sure... Send them in...

Thursday, September 30, 2004, 9:35:38 PM, you wrote:

ms> Thanks very much for all the nice reply's refering 
ms> to the packet type.
ms> I have a folder containing a true copy of the packets.
ms> I can send it to anyone who would be kind enough to
ms> analyze them and render an opinion.
ms> The folder also contains the pertinent IP stats. One
ms> problem about sending them is I will first need to get 
ms> an email account that will transmit large attachments. 
ms> My current email account is limited to one MB.  The 
ms> packet and IP logs are 2.59 MB total. Will get back 
ms> ASAP.                  Thanks all          Mel.

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