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DUH!!!  Thanks..  *yawn*...  I knew that.  That's what I get before
sending a question before I wake up.


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> Okay.  Need some assistance.  I've looked at tcpdump logs for years 
> and have never seen a "SWE" in a line before.  For example:
>  > x.x.x.x
> 09:23:12.986034 www.dshield.org.48059 > x.x.x.x.smtp: SWE
> 4018230856:4018230856(0) win 5840  (DF)
> ???
> Any assistance would be gravy.

"W" stands for the CWR (congestion window reduced) flag; E stands for
ECE (ECN echo sent) flag. These are described in RFC 2481 (updated by
RFC 3168).

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