[Dshield] nice to see sans in the news

Al Reust areust at comcast.net
Sat Oct 2 05:19:39 GMT 2004

And a bit more from Win2K News, Good Job Tom


       *  Open Letter To Microsoft: Security

You all know SANS. If not, it's an organization that promotes IT
security. They work a lot with volunteers, and many of these
handle security threats. They keep a diary about several daily
current hot situations. One of the SANS daily handlers wrote an
open letter to Redmond that I liked. It was well written, fun,
and makes a very good point. Here you go. (I hope MS is
listening too.)

PS: If you need ammo to buy security tools, make sure to read
the item in the third party news section about how much money
hacking is costing business.


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