[Dshield] Cisco Router/Firewall - which is the best for me?

Benjamin Koch BK-D at gmx.de
Sun Oct 3 13:29:31 GMT 2004

Hello list

i have some general questions about some cisco products.
First of all, i'm a cisco newbie :)

I have an linux iptables router/gateway for my home/SOHO network (5 Hosts)
but the wattage of this box is a bit high...
I thought it would be better using a HW Router/Firewall.

The standard customer HW Routers are not that configurable as i want.
I like the total control like iptables does. Packets must match some
criteria like:
-Input Interface
-Source IP
-Source Port
-Output Interface
-Destination IP
-Destination Port
and some other stuff to get accepted - or denied.

Then i remembered Cisco Systems - one of the top Network Companies.
I found some products like
Cisco 1712/1710 Security Router
Cisco 831 4xRJ45 10MBit
and the Cosco PIX 501

All three are having a Firewall but i don`t know which one is matching
my needs.

Here are my wishes:
connect a DSL modem (RJ45)
connect a LAN (RJ45 - 1Port is enough -> Switch)
Routing ability (Internet Connection Sharing and FTP/Remote Admin. NAT)
Firewall (Features shown above)
Traffic Shaping (Bandwith limiting for some explicit given Hosts)
IDS (i must configure and maintain it by myself?)
URL/IP blacklist ability

CSA - maybe - i should first know what this Cisco Security Agend is
doing ;)
Easy configure would be nice at the beginning... *Cisco newbie*

It should be as cheap as possible. Max 600EUR - ok 800EUR will be ok
too but it must have the most of the requested features.

I don't know which is the right product for me and i don't know who to
Not everybody has a Cisco Router/Firewall at home :)
So i ask you and all the versed admins in this list.

I hope you can help me

Best regards,
 Benjamin                          mailto:BK-D at gmx.de

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