[Dshield] Flavors of Linux

John B. Holmblad jholmblad at aol.com
Mon Oct 4 00:37:27 GMT 2004


I have to agree with Brian's comment regarding Microsoft NTFS. In 
addition to very fine grained control over access to files in NTFS,. 
support is provided within Microsoft Windows for discretionary ACL's and 
auditing  for other cricital OS data structures such as the windows 
registry. I think it is fair to say that  NTFS filre permissions are 
more fine grained than those of Unix, but, unfortunately, their 
resulting complexity makes them more of a challenge to manage properly.

Regarding your point on all of the extras required to manage a Windows 
server OS, I think that one reason that Micrrosoft now gives away the 
so-called Windows resource tools kit for Server 2003


 as opposed to charging for it (as was the case with Windows Server 
2000), is due to the competition from Linux with all of its embedded OS 
management functionality . Having said that, the tools provided by this 
resource kit, and also those tools in the Windows support tools kit are 
both extremely useful and vital for anyone performing system 
administration of Windows servers.


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