[Dshield] Cisco Router/Firewall - which is the best for me?

Benjamin Koch BK-D at gmx.de
Tue Oct 5 12:17:50 GMT 2004

Hello list

If i want my special Firewall/IDS wishes, i need to use the IOS from
Cisco - unwanted extra-cost :(
Hmm i think i will use Linux again for firewalling/routing, but not on
the actually used 400MHz K6 II.
My co-worker told me about VIA EPIA CPUs.
If they have really "speed-stepping" technology then it would be
Low cost, low power usage, passive cooled :) and even faster than my
old box. Bundled with a passive cooled power supply - nothing better :)
Only the problem with userfriendly bandwidth limiting for a special
Ok - i`m not afraid to use the console, but sometimes the
"black-white" is starting to "annoying" me - or should i say its
boring... All those great features and the analysis/reports in a
boring console :/
Any Ideas for needful Web based stuff such as iptables Log Analyzer?
Webmin based bandwidth limiting?

Thanks for help so far!

Best regards,
 Benjamin                            mailto:BK-D at gmx.de

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