[Dshield] Checkpoint 4.1

Willy, Andrew AWilly at eSMIL.net
Tue Oct 5 18:49:31 GMT 2004

Thank guys.  Below is the email I sent to their list, just in case a
Checkpoint wizard lurks around DShield and is feeling generous with his/her
expertise ..


Good morning,

I am not a FW1 expert. I apologize in advance if I fumble with terminology
or leave out obviously pertinent information (obvious to an expert).

Recently, I was assigned the task of building a new Checkpoint 4.1 firewall.
Our existing box runs wonderfully, however, it is aging. We decided to move
the installation to a new machine. After a frustrating day of getting
objects and rules and other aspects transferred, I discovered everything
seemed to work on the new box as well as it did on the old one, except for
VPN. We have several methods of establishing tunnels, but since I believe
the problem is a general one, I will discuss just the method that is easiest
for me to try and troubleshoot, SecuRemote.

I am able with the SecuRemote client to 'Update Site', however when
establishing the tunnel, the client hangs on, "Exchanging Keys", and then
reports, "Communication with site : <ip address> has failed."

Assuming that this was because of some configuration issue related to moving
the installation, I decided to do a brand new install of Checkpoint on the
new machine. The new installation comes up and runs as I would expect, the
few rules I created work, except that I still cannot get VPN going in our
test environment. The SecuRemote client 'Update Site' works, but when the
tunnel pops, I get the same, "Communication with site : <ip address> has
failed."  The firewall logs don't show a failed connection or anything else
that may reveal a clue.  SecuRemote only offeres it's communication failed

Considering that I can't get VPN to fire up if I use an old installation, or
a new one, I assume the problem lies with some crucial component that I'm
unaware of.  

Advice appreciated. 



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Hello everyone,

Do any of you know of a quality CheckPoint resource site?  I'm having a
problem that I can't figure out on my own, and the sites I did find
didn't have the information I needed.

Thanks in advance


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