[Dshield] Checkpoint 4.1

Willy, Andrew AWilly at eSMIL.net
Wed Oct 6 20:58:45 GMT 2004


Thanks for your input.  I'm confident that network connectivity isn't the
issue, because the FW TOPO works, and the FW will drop or allow packets
depending on our rules in both the test and live environment.

As far as the license, perhaps this is it? Although I did install the
licenses that I can find installed on my working FW.  Also, SecuRemote is
only one method we use for VPNs; we have hardware established VPNs, and they
aren't working either. I'm focusing on SecuRemote because it's the easiest
to test and most CP users are familiar with it. Just in case, though, I'm
going to take your suggestion and look around the CP site for a specific
SecuRemote license.

TCPDump - I'm afraid I wouldn't know what to make of the captured data.  It
is a good idea but unfortunately beyond my skills.  I plan to try it,
anyway, in case there is something glaring.

Thanks again


p.s. I apologize to everyone for the signature disclaimer.  It is applied at
the mail server, and I cannot remove it without removing it for all of our
users.  If it is a large enough issue, I will resubscribe to this list with
an outside account.  

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At 02:49 PM 10/5/2004, you wrote:
>Thank guys.  Below is the email I sent to their list, just in case a
>Checkpoint wizard lurks around DShield and is feeling generous with his/her
>expertise ..
>Good morning,
>I am not a FW1 expert. I apologize in advance if I fumble with terminology
>or leave out obviously pertinent information (obvious to an expert).

It's been a while since I worked with 4.1, it's unsupported and did need 
some patches.  I'm assuming when you moved over the new box you brought 
over the ~/database, ~/conf, and Checkpoint recommended the ~/state 
directories (although I can't fathom why the state directory is 
needed).  Your SecuRemote woes could be something simple as not adding a 
license for SecuRemote, which is free but needed for it to work.  Natting 
may also be an issue or it could be something as simple as routing.  Maybe 
there is no network connectivity between the two boxes.  A ping/traceroute 
might help in this case.  Under 4.1 the client had to point to the box that 
held the management station.  Since there is nothing in your logs, run 
tcpdump somewhere along the path between the two boxes and see what, if 
anything, is going on.

Hope this helps....

-- Joe

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