[Dshield] Ramifications of opening up MS Networking across IPX/SPX- to IP?

Keith Bergen keith at keithbergen.com
Thu Oct 7 00:13:25 GMT 2004


It's been many years since I used IPX/SPX, but I do remember one thing that
I was told about that protocol. It is what they (the network folks)
considered a "high broadcast" protocol. They recommended that I remove
IPX/SPX from any and all computer except those that absolutely needed to run

Apart from that, I have nothing more to add.


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At our site, we run two somewhat independent networks.  I run our network
and the other network is run by another group.  We currently have an IPX/SPX
router between the two networks setup so that we can only see their lone
Novell server.  We cannot see their NT PDC, nor can they supposedly see any
of our servers/workstations in their Windows machine Network Neighborhood.
They do have access to one shared DB server via a Sybase ASA client - via
IPX/SPX.  We access shared files on that lone Novell server, including our
old decrepit email system.

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