[Dshield] Re: Time stamp accuracy

Thomas Ditmars zarggg at zarggg.net
Thu Oct 7 02:36:12 GMT 2004

Not sure what I'm doing wrong, but....

> You visited the DShield server's timestamp page. We compared the logs
> you submitted with our records and found the following times:
>  Our Time: 2004-10-06 22:32:52 UTC
> Your Time: 2004-10-06 18:22:42 UTC
> If the difference between these two times is larger than 1 minute, we
> ask you to try and adjust your time more frequently.

I could have sworn I had the offset set correctly on my computer,
firewall, *and* the dshield.org site. What could be causing this
Thomas Ditmars    zarggg [at] zarggg [dot] net   KeyID: 0x6425C4ED

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