[Dshield] Hotmail and SPF?

Rhett Bassett rhett at coreds.net
Thu Oct 7 21:25:44 GMT 2004

I'm able to send to it, and we don't have SPF set up - Hotmail stopped
allowing non-paying customers on their WEB-DAVvy interface (which
Outlook et al use) - I think that stopped on Monday or Tuesday.  There
was a /. article about it.  Not that I ever read that at work.

Rhett Bassett
Information Technology Dept
Core Digital Services
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Is hotmail/msn requiring SPF records at this time for delivery?

Anyone on this list not have an SPF record setup and able to send mail
hotmail.com or msn.com?

Sometime this week my mail server can no longer create MX connections to
of hotmails MX servers.


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