[Dshield] Anti-Spam Enterprise Products

Kenneth Coney superc at visuallink.com
Tue Oct 12 18:09:40 GMT 2004

I have had some very negative experiences with Postini.  Not the least 
of which was it's tendency to hang up the Dshield messages in the 
Postini virus box when fragments of the virus coding were posted.  The 
McAfee filter it uses was incapable of realizing that a text abstract of 
a virus fragment was not the same thing as an infected email.  Likewise, 
on more than one occasion important mail from customers was flagged as 
spam and trapped.  A less than one percent error rate is NOT negligible 
if the trapped email involved an offer of a six figure contract and 
Postini decided to trash it.  Much, much smarter IMHO & E is to simply 
create a filter of your own coding that auto sorts and deletes any email 
in your in box from a foreign country based IP that you don't do 
business with.  It requires spending some time doing some research, but 
the reward of no spam is worth the trouble.  US originated spam to a US 
recipient seems to be less than 3% of the total and is often easily 
fixed by notifying the appropriate person.  If you don't do, or 
anticipate doing, business with firms located in China, Mespotamia, 
Brazil, Korea, etc., then why are you accepting emails from IPs located 
there?  If do business with someone overseas, then find out their 
originating IP and make your program flexible enough so  you can block 
everything from (for instance) 220. except  Much better 
than paying someone to filter your email.

Re: [Dshield] Anti-Spam Enterprise Products
dave brookshire <dsb at parapet.net>
Mon, 20 Sep 2004 22:45:32 -0500

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We're about the same size, and have a very technical systems staff, but
we've decided to spend our time on more interesting things.  So, I
checked around for various out-sourced solutions, and chose Postini.  I
have been pleased ever since.  The roll out is quite simple, and it's
easy to include a few users (say, as in a pilot) or the entire org. 
They even have a nifty scripting interface that allow you to manage
things through whatever you'd like (we have some scripts which populate
new users from our LDAP server to Postini.)

It's rare that I've really been happy with an outsourced solution, but I
am (and our user base is) very pleased, indeed.

Also, rates are pretty reasonable, particularly for an org our (and
your) size.

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