[Dshield] ssh attacks

brian simmons bsimmons at dpnd.net
Tue Oct 12 18:22:27 GMT 2004

Yes, I see 1 to 4 of these attempts almost daily, 63 ip's to be exact so 
far, They attempt to connect up to about 8 account names as many as 560 
times a day per ip. Around 90% of mine come from Seoul and the other 10% 
from France and other countries. I was just thinking it was some guy 
from Seoul trying every day to hack our systems, Now I see its a lot 
more than just our machines.

Brian Simmons
Systems Administrator
Dependable Internet L.L.C.

Barton L. Phillips wrote:

> In the last several days I have seen an increase in attempts to log 
> into my server via SSH. Previously I was only seeing the "test" and 
> "guest" attempts previously mentioned on this list. Here is an example 
> of what I saw yesterday:
> Failed logins from these:
> Has anyone else been seeing this?

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