[Dshield] 802.1x and DLink AP-900+

Zyzio zyzio248 at o2.pl
Tue Oct 12 20:49:27 GMT 2004


Has someone configured DLink AP-900+ with 802.1x (EAP-MD5)
authentication? Is it possible?

I use as supplicant (xsupplicant 1.0.1,RH 9.0), authenticator (Dlink
AP-900+, firmaware 3.01) and authentication serwer FreeRadius (1.0.1
RH 9.0). 

At the begining it looks OK. I have request to Radius, server finds
appriopate user and send challenge. But then nothing? After a while
supplicat received eap failure.

I think that I read all available FAQ's? 

Has someone similar problem?
Any ideas, other FAQ etc?

Chris 'Zyzio'

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