[Dshield] Anti-Spam Enterprise Products

Thomas.Deimel@gastechnology.org Thomas.Deimel at gastechnology.org
Wed Oct 13 13:35:45 GMT 2004

We also had some very negative experiences with Postini and their
unwillingness to assist us with fixing our issues. We had not signed the
contract, only the 30 evaluation which if you are seriously thinking about
Postini, I would sign up first and test. We use Lotus Notes and they really
didn't not have a clue on how to setup Notes to accept emails from their
system. We also received many complaints from users because the Postini
system would send out warning and failure notices even when the email did
not fail.

As an organization, we then tried MessageLabs via a third party partner and
this has worked very well. The false positives are almost nil and we have
only received a few complaints. We used to have Mailsweeper and we found
that it required too much extra work to manage antispam and antivirus and
the cost of MessageLabs was overall cheaper than doing it ourselves.
MessageLabs costs more than Postini but it also works better in our

Thomas J. Deimel
Gas Technology Institute
Website: http://www.gastechnology.org

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