[Dshield] ssh attacks

Stoney Jiang SJiang at adbsys.com
Thu Oct 14 14:54:10 GMT 2004

Those attacks started from Seoul do not necessarily mean they are trying to hack your network. Most likely is some of their systems have been hacked or affected by virus, and real hackers are using these systems to play the game.

Stoney Jiang
Network Administrator
ADB Systems International

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Yes, I see 1 to 4 of these attempts almost daily, 63 ip's to be exact so 
far, They attempt to connect up to about 8 account names as many as 560 
times a day per ip. Around 90% of mine come from Seoul and the other 10% 
from France and other countries. I was just thinking it was some guy 
from Seoul trying every day to hack our systems, Now I see its a lot 
more than just our machines.

Brian Simmons
Systems Administrator
Dependable Internet L.L.C.

Barton L. Phillips wrote:

> In the last several days I have seen an increase in attempts to log 
> into my server via SSH. Previously I was only seeing the "test" and 
> "guest" attempts previously mentioned on this list. Here is an example 
> of what I saw yesterday:
> Failed logins from these:
> Has anyone else been seeing this?
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