[Dshield] Cookies from homeland security???

mike newatthis at rcn.com
Mon Oct 18 14:11:46 GMT 2004

Ed Truitt wrote:
> On Fri, 2004-10-15 at 17:48, mike wrote:
>>Hey Folks,
>>  On several instances I've had attempts made to set cookies supposedly 
>>from homelandsecurity.house.gov. Anybody else had this? Usually I deny 
>>them this time I let them drop in.
> http://homelandsecurity.house.gov is not the site for the Department of
> Homeland Security -- it is the site for the US House of Representatives,
> Select Committee on Homeland Security.  Same government, different
> branch.  
I never said it was the Department of Homeland Security.

To put it another way - why would any department of the Government, if 
that's who it is, set a cookie when I wasn't browsing their site and 
didn't even have the browser open to ANY site. And why would this same 
site have been trying to do this on multiple occasions previously over a 
period of weeks? If anyone has any ideas or knowledge I'd appreciate 
their help. I don't need an explanation of what cookies are or how the 
govenment is divided up.



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