[Dshield] Cookies from homeland security???

Mike Trahar newatthis at rcn.com
Tue Oct 19 17:08:45 GMT 2004

Roland Green wrote:
> Mike if you are really concerned why don't you install a personal 
> firewall like the one Symantec makes (Norton Personal Firewall).  There 
> is an option to force every application on the machine to be granted 
> permission before they access the Internet.  Or you can just put your 
> machine behind a hardware firewall and block all the ports.  Then read 
> the logs and uses Fprod to track down which application that is trying 
> to use the Internet without your intervention.
> After reading your initial profile (personal description) I did notice 
> that although you are not of middle eastern decent or an associate there 
> of (as stated in your profile) that you do match the general profile of 
> a US. Domestic Terrorist (ie those who bomb  lumber companies and 
> companies who sell / harvest animal fur). If you are indeed being 
> tracked and all they are doing is setting a cookie, consider yourself 
> fortunate because they could  initiate satellite monitoring of your home 
> and replace your "cable box" and "computer modem" with the new model 
> CIA-FBI-NSA-245 Time Warner/Comcast/Cablevision addition.
> Welcome to crazy world :-D
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I'm not really concerned so much as curious.

I have the latest versions of all the security software a home user with 
a heathy dose of paranoia should need to install AFAIK. Zonealarm in 
which I restrict most things to ask, Norton Systems Works, Spybot S&D, 
Lavasoft Ad Aware, Spyware Blaster etc. I don't have a hardware firewall 
although I'm real close to getting one. I have all the latest MS patches 
and if I get nervous I use Linux for a while. I run Ethereal 
occasionally but I'm no security expert that's why I subscribe to this 
list, because you guys are. I learn a lot just reading the posts and I 
wish I had more to contribute other than sending in my firewall logs.

I admit I hadn't thought of the domestic terrorist aspect of things but 
I "think" I'm safe on that front also.

Thanks for the info,


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