[Dshield] Anti-Spam Enterprise Products

Brent atlbrent at mindspring.com
Fri Oct 22 02:58:01 GMT 2004

Symantec's product is ok but we have found that ISS' Proventia Mail Filter 
is much better with Spam detection as a whole.

At 10:28 AM 10/13/2004 -0500, Scott Wahlstrom wrote:

>I've been using Symantec's Mail Security for Exchange (SMTP and NOTES
>versions also available) for almost 4 months now.  I have been extremely
>happy with this product.  Setting up the spam filters is a cinch and
>their 'fuzzy' pattern matching catches spam tactics like 'v-i-a-g-r-a'.
>It also will check inbound mail against user-specified blacklists
>PS - it checks for virus definition updates every hour :)
>Scott Wahlstrom
>System Administrator
>scott at scottwahlstrom.org
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