[Dshield] Digital certificates

Roland Green rgreen at plannedbuy.com
Sun Oct 24 18:21:45 GMT 2004

Come on now Kenneth, that's even worse that letting the date expire. The 
idea of having a Certificate signed by a trusted third party is to 
ensure that you are who you say you are.  Anyone can sign there own 
certificate but it will force a pop up in the browser  where the message 
indicates that the person who signed the certificate is not trusted. All 
Allen has to do is get a 60 day trial certificate 
http://www.entrust.com/freecerts/webcerts/index.htm  from Entrust.  I 
works just like the real thing.

Kenneth Coney wrote:

> You could always just do what some government sites do and write your 
> own certificate.  Many of the dot mils I have been visiting lately 
> seem to be creating/writing their own with no repercussions.

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