[Dshield] Dshield listing of load-balancers / proposal for LB registry

Tony Earnshaw tonye at billy.demon.nl
Thu Oct 28 19:38:13 GMT 2004

tor, 28.10.2004 kl. 18.20 skrev Johannes B. Ullrich:

> One of the design lemmas behind DShield is that we will get more
> meaningful data if we leave it up to our submitters to filter the
> data.

I not understand this lemma, what it is? My Evo (aspell) checker give no
fault. I know lemming but this are not that.

Ah. I seek at www.m-w.com for kids (it's all gone kind of commercial
there these days) but I find no lemma.

I am Englishman born England (o.k., I've lived abroad for th last 40 odd
years, but that shouldn't have anything to do with it) and I know the
lemming (even seen them, thousands of them together at the same spot, in
the snow - Vikjafjedli).


«Livet er ein gamp», sa øyken.
I can confirm this.
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