[Dshield] Microsoft wants to meet more hackers

Brenden Walker BKWalker at drbsystems.com
Tue Aug 2 12:35:21 GMT 2005

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> On Mon, 2005-08-01 at 23:18 +0000, Fergie (Paul Ferguson) wrote:
> > Microsoft wants its "Blue Hat" date with hackers to become 
> a regular 
> > affair, with twice-yearly events where outsiders 
> demonstrate flaws in 
> > Microsoft's product security.
> In another interview management said: "Honestly, we'd like 
> these guys to come more often than twice a year. A monthly or 
> weekly schedule would be preferred. It doesn't happen often 
> to receive free Quality Assurance and Vulnerability Testing, 
> so we would like them to accept that offer we're extending. 
> This allows us to restructure our internal QA team from 5 to
> 1 who which will manage the relationship with these pro-bono 
> researchers. We will house them for free while they work for 
> us for free."
> "Meeting" hackers instead of "Hiring" them is so much more 
> efficient it seems...

Seems to me that they need to pay them.  This 'deal' is going to affect
the quality of hacker they get I think, not sure exactly how.  They
could end up getting passionate, dedicated people that are interested in
helping out.. Or they could get a handful of lusers who know just enough
to exploit flaws.. And perhaps don't have a place to stay at that moment

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