[Dshield] Cisco 0wn3d??

Mark markt442 at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 5 01:00:27 GMT 2005

Sorry, but I've been a bit busy.

What is the general feeling regarding recent events? I
received email from Cisco advising me that my account
has been reset. I understand that there was an "issue"
with their support server.

I did some googling and have seen a couple of
whitepapers and videos of how to compromise a Cisco
(we're talking posted on Aug 2) router using some
older exploits. Given a lot of the buzz on NANOG,
there seem to be many potentially exploitable routers
out there.

I'm trying to put together a risk analysis for several
clients; based on several of the potential older
vulnerabilities. I'm also working to verify some of
the papers to understand the technical difficulty and
hopefully assemble some IDS signatures based on
"known" techniques.

Has anyone done similar work or am I just paranoid?



PS: I'm a Digest subscriber so I apologize if there is
a current thread that I haven't seen yet.

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