[Dshield] Spam 101 Question

thomer forum at dshield.org
Sat Aug 6 01:45:34 GMT 2005

Hi Jeff,
  You might want to check your email server, according to DNSREPORT your mail server is an open relay.  Can you check your queues?  People may be relaying spam through you:

WARNING: One or more of your mailservers appears to be an open relay. If so, this means that you are allowing spammers to freely use the mailserver to send out spam! It is possible that your mailserver accepts all E-mail and later bounces it, or accepts the relay attempt and then deletes the E-mail, but this is not common.
WARNING: mail.gpl.org appears to be an open relay: 250 recipient  ok 

The above is right from their site.  It probably has nothing to do with your scripts and more to do with the fact that your email server is not properly configured.

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