[Dshield] Spam 101 Question

Gene Engelke Genee at demco.com
Mon Aug 8 14:12:30 GMT 2005

I have had problems in the past with a sister company that used charter
being blacklisted by several of their customers spam blockers.
Only a few of their mailservers are tagged as bad so it would not
happen every time.
Charter was not very understanding or helpful so the final solution was
to change vendors.

>>> forum at dshield.org 08/06 3:53 PM >>>

  Your mail server is definitely an open relay and that's why you have
mail bounces, this is a transaction from your server:

220 charter.net ESMTP
ehlo test.com
250 SIZE 41943040
mail from: badperson at test.com
250 sender  ok
rcpt to: avictim at anywhere.net
250 recipient  ok
354 go ahead
250 ok:  Message 281655308 accepted

Notice how the above transaction allowed mail from badperson at test.com
to go to avictim at anywhere.net?  That shouldn't happen.  The banner also
says charter.net are you outsourcing your mail?  


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