[Dshield] Security Firm May Stay Mum on Vulnerabilities in theFuture

Mike Wydra mwydra1 at comcast.net
Tue Aug 9 01:12:59 GMT 2005

Fergie wrote:
>I can assure you, that if this company (or any others)
>follow through on their promise not to disclose
>vulnerabilities that they might find to the public,
>there will be a backlash like no one will believe is

Your right Paul, and that's the way it should be, but it's not going to 
happen. I found out (right on this list) that to many people just don't give 
a damn (about evil happening around them) until something effects THEM 
personally. Frankly, if I discovered something that was going to take down 
the entire Internet, I don't know if i'd say anything about it eithor. Why 
should I expose myself to a lawsuit (or any other goofy stuff), just because 
I tried to do something RIGHT? It seems that the world doesn't care about 
"right and wrong" anymore - and hiding under a rock (while it's getting 
crowded) looks like the safe way to go.

Mike Wydra 

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